Villas CS in Hong Kong

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Villas CS was a project initiated by Swire Property Limited to develop thirty fully-detached homes in Hong Kong's Cheung Sha District a forested and generally low-density area of Hong Kong Island with scenic views and abundant vegetation. The location posed many challenges for the design team, namely the site's naturally hilly terrain and number of existing trees and plants of ecological value on the property. In addition, planning conditions only allowed for a GFA build up of less than half on the property's site area, which provided opportunities for a project more focused on surrounding views of the bay, the natural lush environment, with great penetration of sunlight and access to fresh air.

This project was a collaboration with PDP East who conceptualised 4 Typical Units. James JJ Acuna, under LWK & Partners, headed the Concept Design team, who along with Designer, Michael Shyu, were focused on the the site's Master Planning and the design of Specialty Homes (1, 3, 23, 24, 28) to cater to unique areas of the site's terrain and existing trees.

- September 2016 -


Project Name: Villas CS in Hong Kong

Architecture & Master Plan: James JJ Acuna and Michael Shyu for LWK & Partners

Scope of Works: Concept and Schematic Design for Master Plan and Specialty Houses 1, 3, 23, 24, 28 (Typical Home Types Designed by PDP East)

Date of Completion: 2015

Location: Hong Kong

Site Area: 14,960 sq.m

Allowable GFA: 5,984 sq.m

Maximum Site Coverage: 25%

Maximum Number of Houses: 30

Client: Swire Properties Ltd.

Budget: Unspecified