The Studio

Launched in 2015, JJ ACUNA / BESPOKE STUDIO is a multi-disciplinary interiors and concept architecture practice based in Hong Kong and Manila.

Our considered and humanistic approach creates high-quality bespoke projects that uplift spaces where people can make joyful connections inside and out.

We design for Clients who aspire to live well, see the world, celebrate traditions, elevate experiences, and embrace the transformative powers of beauty.

JJ ACUNA / BESPOKE STUDIO is a division of Archipelago Limited Hong Kong.

Our Team
James JJ Acuna

James "JJ" Acuna is a celebrated figure in the fields of hospitality and high-end residential architecture and interior design, boasting a stellar track record of numerous awards and accolades. With an impressive portfolio spanning Hong Kong, China, and the wider Asian region, Acuna serves as the Founder and Creative Director of JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio. His aim is to help Clients craft soulful projects of the highest caliber, elevating spaces to facilitate joyful connections for all who inhabit them.

Acuna has a strong background, having finished his Bachelor of Architecture at Cornell University  and earning a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. Throughout his career, he has lead projects of varying scales, catering to a diverse clientele that includes both high-profile individuals and esteemed blue-chip companies. Throughout his journey, spanning from his time at established firms to the establishment of his own studio with branches in Hong Kong and Manila,  Acuna has remained steadfast in his commitment to delivering uplifting design solutions for his partners.

His work has garnered widespread recognition, being featured in esteemed publications such as Interior Design Magazine, Wallpaper*, Tatler Asia, and Vogue. Acuna's vision extends beyond mere aesthetics; he strives to create meaningful spaces that resonate with the aspirations of his clients and enrich the lives of those who inhabit them, fostering a lasting impact through thoughtful collaboration and innovative design.

Member of HKIDA and HKDA 

Dominic Cheung

Dominic aspires to inspire and uplift the lifestyle and comfort of people through creating humanistic and sophisticated space. He believes only by juxtaposing the old and the new – from materials to furniture – can we craft a story with space and time.

Started as an interior designer after graduated from the School of Design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he has developed the skills and sensibility in designing and realizing well-articulated space that connects people – from understanding client briefs, presenting design proposal, producing tender & construction drawings to managing project execution on site.

To work on architectural projects of a larger scale, his recently awarded degree in architectural design from Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff University allows him to expand his scope of work from crafting interior to building exterior.

Member of HKIDA - Hong Kong Institute of Interior Designer Association

IDr. Dec Villanueva

From her BS Interior Design undergraduate training in the University of the Philippines and thru her 3 years of corporate design experience, Dec has carried the philosophy that every design decision should be grounded from context and intention. For her, an effective design surpases superficiality once it has met the needs of clients and has made the users fully realize that their space experiences can be elevated thru design.

"There is nothing more fulfilling than watching people move around a space you designed and have the place get woven into core moments. It would be a privilege to develop and deliver more projects such that."

Member of PIID - Philippine Institute of Interior Designers

Kristy Fong

Having grown up in the States and studied abroad in the UK, Kristy has always been attracted to the colourful and vibrant fashion scene for brands like Ralph Lauren and Isabel Marant. The obsession with their use of fabrics, patterns, and colors for garments has eventually inspired her to dive into the world of interior design.

Before becoming an interior designer, Kristy had worked in various creative roles within the advertising and fashion sectors - though she felt there was something missing to truly fulfil her creative soul. 2021 marks the year of change to Kristy's creative career by applying for a full-time diploma course in both residential and commercial spectrum at the Insight School of Interior Design Hong Kong.

Kristy approaches every project like she would design a fashion garment. She gathers detailed understanding of the client and the brief and thread these pieces together to create a design narrative, forming a design language to describe their stories. She believes a successful interior design is not just just about the visuals but about storytelling, making joyful memories and creating immersive experience to touch one's soul.

Arch. Cheyenne Laxa

After earning a degree in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas, Cheyenne explored various disciplines and dimensions of design. She strongly believes that a holistic approach to design, one that carefully balances external influences with internal spaces, is crucial for creating exceptional experiences. It was during this process of interconnection that Cheyenne discovered her passion for Interior Design, which she has since wholeheartedly pursued.

As a licensed Architect from the Philippines, Cheyenne's aim goes beyond superficial aesthetics. She seeks to craft environments that leave a lasting impact on the people who inhabit them, aiming to create memorable experiences. By skillfully blending different design disciplines, Cheyenne strives to curate spaces that transcend ordinary aesthetics, leaving an enduring impression on the senses of those who encounter them.

Member of UAP - United Architects of the Philippines

IDr. Johannes Matthew Agustin

Han's design career began shortly after he completed his degree in Interior Design from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. His comprehensive education and extensive experience in the field have equipped him with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of designing spaces and objects from vision to completion.

He aims to be a thoughtful design thinker beyond just aesthetics and be part of creating built-enviroments that can drive positive impacts on the lives of its end-users and, ultimately, the community they connect to.

Being passionately driven to his craft, he always seeks new perspectives from the different lenses of people he has collaborated with, believing that continuos learning breaks boundaries and allows us to further our leaps as we face new frontiers ahead.

Member of PIID - Philippine Institute of Interior Designers

Awards & Recognition
Best Interior Design, Commercial for Miss Lee, Gray Magazine Awards 2021 (US)
Best Restaurant Architecture & Interior Design Firm, Southeast Asia BUILD Architecture Awards 2019 (UK)
Interior Designer of The Year, Design Anthology Magazine Awards 2019 (HK)
Platinum Winner
Awarded to Xiao Ting Macau with EM Bespoke Studio, MUSE Design Awards 2021 (Asia)
Best Interior Design
Awarded to Tate Dining Room at the T. Dining Hong Kong 2018 Awards (HK)
Silver Winner
Awarded to Elephant Grounds Star Street at the Hong Kong Design Awards 2016 (HK)
Silver Winner
Awarded to Elephant Grounds Mid-Levels at the Hong Kong Design Awards 2017 (HK)
Honorary Awards
Emerging Designer of the Year, Long listed for FRAME Awards 2019 (UK)
40 Under 40
Awarded to James JJ Acuna in 2017 by Perspective Magazine (HK)
40 Under 40
Awarded to Dominic Cheung in 2021 by Perspective Magazine (HK)
Awarded to Xiao Ting Macau with EM Bespoke Studio, Kohler Bold Design Awards 2021 (Asia)
Best Bar & Restaurant with EM Bespoke Studio, A&D Awards 2021 (HK)
Shortlist Top 5
Best Use of Light, Frame Magazine Awards 2023 (UK)
Shortlist Top 5
Best Healthcare Centre of the Year, Frame Magazine Awards 2023 (UK)