The Gemini Residence
Hong Kong

The concept of duality in living spaces is not just a matter of form and function. It captures the luxurious essence of open space and natural light, alongside shades of black and the texture of natural wood.

The designer JJ Acuna, expected this from his newlywed client. Both husband and wife are Geminis, known for versatility and playfulness, constantly juggling interests that spark their curiosity. 

The space called for impeccable style and versatility. The latter anticipates significant changes like bedrooms for the children, and other recommendations from their geomancer, which changes every year. “The client likes things clean because they are heavily into Feng Shui.”

JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio is known for their interesting palette blends, enhancing both   architecture and design elements.  Ironically the owners of the residence, preferred the least amount of colour, “just black, white and grey with very clean lines,” the designer said. The couple loved JJ’s execution of Chef Vicky Lau’s Tate Dining Room and the popular Elephant Grounds café, which they all saw on social media. Hence they wanted the same creative vision for their 2,328 square-foot apartment in Mid Levels. 

The initial challenge was the absence of visual pegs that could be used as take-off points. The couple happily verbalised their design choices and somehow JJ interpreted their narrative,  which was geared towards fine lines, a very Western approach, with details of old wood and lots of light.

“We showed them black and white photographs of Manhattan in the early 20th century which they appreciated and everything started there,” he said. “I always imagine what the space is for. The fact that we can materialise and manifest the desired space from the aethers is the most fun and amazing part of our design work.” 

The hillside location was highly recommended by their feng shui master. This called for glass exterior walls that captured a full view of Victoria Harbour and the bustling Kowloon district. Inside, the towering space allowed the play of lights, quality millwork, bespoke pieces, and other creative details.

The Gemini Residence
Interior Design
JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio
Design Leads
James JJ Acuna & Dominic Cheung (Design Leads), Vivian Wu, Alex Garcia, Kristy Fong, Lola Tiku, Eric C. Marasigan, and Alex Abiog
Lighting Design
Lightorigin Studio
Date of Completion
Fall 2023
2,328 sq.ft.
Site Photography
Steven Ko Photography
Site Stylist
Esther van Wijck