Pinot Duck Wanchai
Hong Kong

Pinot Duck is a 3,600 square foot 60-pax restaurant set street-side on the ground floor of a new residential tower designed by MAKE for Vanke Developers, located in the heart of Hong Kong’s once-Red Light bar and entertainment district, Wanchai. The menu, serving mostly duck cooked and prepared in a variety of Chinese and pan-Asian recipes, are paired with select wines using pinot grapes. The street side location, combined with wine and sharing plates, inspired our designers to formulate an interior space focused on family, friendship, and camaraderie where lighting, comfort, and materiality frames the experience of eating oven-fresh Duck dishes.


Pinot Duck位於香港曾經的紅燈酒吧及娛樂區灣仔的中心地帶,由MAKE為萬科集團設計的新住宅大樓的底層。

位於街道一側的Pinot Duck坐擁3600平方英尺,約能容納60人。菜餚以鴨肉料理為主,採用各種中式和泛亞式食譜烹製,搭配使用皮諾葡萄釀製的精選葡萄酒。位處街旁的餐廳加上葡萄酒和共享菜單,激發了設計師們的靈感,構建出無論家庭,朋友,約會都能舒適享用新鮮烤鴨菜餚的環境。

The principle use of hard walnut as the main baseline timber finish gives weight to bespoke tables and chairs designed by JJA / Bespoke Architecture (JJA/BA) and fashioned with Mid-Century Modern influences to underpin main customer touch points and impression. Other materials like the handmade kiln-produced bricks in three tones, a feature wall accented with hand-glazed Italian ceramic tiles manufactured by Etruria Design, the use of copper tinted textured glass finishes, the burgundy-red carpet aligned central to the space, and the antique brass metal-work, gives an experience that is warm yet nostalgic to the nature of dining over Chinese Peking, yet casual enough to make the experience relaxed, comfortable, and enjoyable for operations, hospitality, and most-importantly, the end-user.


採用胡桃木作主要材料讓JJA / Bespoke Architecture(JJA / BA)設計的定制桌椅有較重的分量,其中世紀現代風格也構成了顧客初次接觸餐廳的印象。其他用料如手工窯燒製的三色磚,由Etruria Design人手製造的釉面意大利瓷磚砌成的特色牆,銅色紋理玻璃,餐廳正中央的勃艮第酒紅地毯,古色古香的黃銅金屬為食客帶來了溫暖而懷舊的用餐體驗,同時感受舒適愉快的熱情待客服務。


The Architectural use of timber and brick within the double height space takes formal cues from late 70’s and early 80’s Tropical Brutalist architectures of Brazil and the Philippines, while the rhythmic brick facade defining the restaurant’s five pillars, is inspired by North African brickwork. As the restaurant’s menu celebrates duck cooked in a variety of ways, so to our aim to take materials like brick, timber, brass, stone, and tile, using a number of playful moments throughout the project.

Other design items to note; while some brass lighting fixtures were designed specifically for the project, the restaurant's five ring-like chandeliers were supplied and fabricated by Il Fanale from Italy, while the smaller brass light fixtures come from Washington State's RoanaokCo. All brass pulls and some ironmongery were sourced from the US and Australia. This is the first project in the world to utilise soap dispensers from Buly 1803, fabricated of stainless steel and marble. Additionally, Hong Kong-based artisan, Katol of Start From Zero, hand-painted the shop's gold and black signage on the restaurant’s facade. Overall, the project from concept design planning to completed construction worked with a timeline of 9 months- within a project budget estimate of about 10 million Hong Kong dollars.


值得一提的是,雖然其中一些黃銅照明燈具是專門為該項目設計的,但餐廳的五個環形吊燈由意大利的Il Fanale提供和製造,而較小的黃銅燈具則購自華盛頓州的RoanaokCo,至於所有銅拉環和一些五金物料則來自美國和澳大利亞。

皂液瓶由Buly1803以不銹鋼和大理石製成,是世界上第一個使用此產品的項目。此外,香港工匠Katol of Start From Zero為餐廳門面手繪了金色和黑色的商店商標。總體而言,從概念設計規劃到完工建設的項目工作時間約為9個月,項目預算估計約為1000萬港元。

Pinot Duck Wanchai
Architecture & Interior Design
JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio
Design Team
James JJ Acuna and Dominic Cheung
Artist Collaboration
KATOL of Start from Zero SFZ
Date of Completion
April 2018
Hong Kong
Approx. 3,600 sq. ft. (inclusive of front and back of house, outdoor spaces)
Estimated 10 Million HKD
Site Photography
Adam Kuehl Photography, What The Fox Studio Hong Kong