Laguna Medical Centre
Hong Kong

A welcoming flow emanates as guests walk into the premises of the Laguna City Medical Centre. First-timers are often speechless, sometimes stepping back to give this new space a second overall look. It takes a while before one is convinced that they are inside a medical clinic. 

Laguna City Medical Centre isn’t the typical health establishment where patients are scared and uncomfortable. And while it offers general practitioner services, vaccination services and minor emergency procedures, the project itself was designed to celebrate the joy of abundant health and the natural flow of wellness, after all a healthy body starts with a mind at ease. 

The enclosed hallway allows guests to leave their busy lives behind to focus mainly on their wellness journey. Design details like gradient fabrics, textured paints, artful wall-covering, fresh plants, and circadian lighting, all contribute to the ease of wellness and its prime importance to our lives. 

With the world still in the midst of recovering from the global pandemic, a boutique-style clinic for health and wellness is a welcome treat. With primary care options for people of all ages,  procedures are done in a calm, relaxing and stylish space, erasing the stress and anxiety often felt in typical health institutions.

Designer JJ. Acuna explains “we want to take out the corporate aspect of health care and   focus on the emotions of joy and happiness.  We chose colours and materials that help refocus ambient feelings of nature or pastoral spaces. We incorporated lighting technology which works with circadian rhythms using natural daylight effects. We also installed CoeLux lighting fixtures bringing in daylight indoors, since unfortunately the shopping centre space has no windows facing out”.

The use of glass, circular walls, and wave-like couches in the waiting area characterise the ease of movement. The partitions symbolise privacy, with dominant soft hues delivering wellness ideas and peace of mind.  “The earth toned auburn used for the powder coat skirting and frames anchors the flowing walls and creates a contrast between the off white gradient Venetian plaster walls against the light floors” states Vivian Wu, design lead on this project.

Apart from the stylish approach to total wellness, the boutique clinic addresses today’s health issues, speaking directly to the concerns of millennials, as they determine the best medical plan for their growing children and their parents. 

“We want to promote joy and the natural flow of wellness. Even if they are in the clinic because of a health issue, we want them to feel all the support that they need because health is a celebration of personal abundance “ he said.

Laguna Medical Centre
Interior Design
JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio
Design Team
James JJ Acuna & Vivian Wu (Design Leads), Dominic Cheung, Alex Garcia, Lola Tiku, Eric Marasigan, Alexis Abiog, Kristy Fong
Lighting Team
Eugenia Cheng of Lightorigin Studio
General Contraction
Yabby Hands LTD.
Date of Completion
October 2022
Hong Kong
1,200 sq.ft.
Site Photography
Steven Ko Photography