Elephant Grounds NTP
Hong Kong

Elephant Grounds Coffee located in New Town Plaza, Sha Tin, Hong Kong, is the third local project of the Elephant Grounds brand, designed by JJ Acuna Bespoke Studio. The plaza which underwent a facelift between 2017-2019 is considered one of the busiest shopping malls in Hong Kong, making it a convenient location to accommodate the homegrown brand. This contemporary café offers a fresh and airy respite for clients to recharge during or after a busy day of shopping. 

At first glance, the open-café concept allows for full transparency in conformity with the site regulations without compromising on the brand’s DNA materiality. The use of signature materials such as the black steel frames, matte black and glossy white tiles and warm dual-tone timber accents are immediately evident throughout the design scheme. The barista bar designed to complement the geometry of the space is neatly positioned in the corner for easeful circulation of diners and pedestrian clients. The countertop and back wall are fitted with quartz and white subway tiles respectively, offering a clean look and feel essential to food retail.

The warmly-lit interior consists of a variety of seating options in a modular arrangement which include built-in banquette benches, dining height seating and bar seats. The retail wall next to the bar counter offers a lifestyle oriented moment to the spatial narrative.

The entire space features biophyllic elements such as a moss wall and hanging planters emphasising the oasis feel in alignment with the brand’s green oriented values.

The industrial dining chairs are sourced from the Netherlands and the retail unit is by Vitsoe. The EG branded bar stools are by Elephant Grounds. All other furniture was bespoke relative to the site specifications. 

Elephant Grounds New Town Plaza
Architecture & Interior Design
James JJ Acuna of JJA / Bespoke Architecture
Date of Completion
June 2017
Hong Kong
Elephant Grounds PP Limited
Site Photography
Natasza Minasiewicz
Moss Installation