Elephant Grounds BGC

Elephant Grounds Manila, located in the Fort Bonifacio District’s newest mixed-use development, One Bonifacio Tower and One Bonifacio High Street, is the the first International site for the Hong Kong-based Elephant Grounds brand. In Hong Kong, Elephant Grounds is a destination cafe and restaurant establishment founded by both Kevin Poon and Gerald Li. Hong Kong-based Designer, JJ Acuna, worked with both Poon and Li on three locations in Hong Kong, with the Manila location their fourth overall project together.

The usual materials and textures of two timber types and the usage of orange fabric, black metal and live plants, found in all originally Hong Kong locations, are also applied in the Manila flagship. However, new Manila-only details like the use of slate flooring for the floor finish and the application of black concrete blocks are introduced as a localised Manila twist to the brand’s spatial elements.

Tokyo signage artist, Sunnynap, and Hong Kong craftsman, Dom of Start From Zero, complete the overall project with unique handcrafted and bespoke details like the “Coffee n’ Chill” sign located behind the space’s stadium seats, the silkscreen printed planks found adjacent to the Mall Corridor’s entrance, and the specialty EG-branded counter stools found around the Service Bar.

Manila’s Flagship Elephant Grounds is operated by Michael Conception of Standard Brew, Inc. and its inventive dishes served by celebrated Chef Nicco Santos and Sous-Chef Quenee Vilar.

Elephant Grounds One Bonifacio Global City
Architecture & Interior Design
JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio
Design Team
James JJ Acuna & Kevin Poon, Daryl Cabudlay, Alex Garcia, Alexis Abiog, Eric Marasigan, Aprille Reyes, Monica Remo
Artist Collaboration
Sunnynap (Japan), Start From Zero (Hong Kong)
Date of Completion
June 2019
1,225 sq. ft.
Standard Brew, Inc.
Site Photography
Miguel Nacianceno