BÊP Olympian City
Hong Kong

BÊP Olympian City brings Hong Kong's edgy Vietnamese cuisine brand from Central, across the harbour, to Kowloon-- catering a market looking for casual, fresh, and easy Vietnamese fare. JJA / Bespoke Architecture adopted the brand's existing interior concept for its largest site yet- set street side within a vast mixed-use development of shops and high-rise residences, typical of the Hong Kong context. The studio's goal was to create a journey of intimate spaces from the mall's interior corridor to the outdoor seating area on the shop's street side, while keeping the brand's preferred colours and material choices. A first for the restaurant, JJA / Bespoke Architecture, utilises pivoting glass blinds to create an architecture that is unique to brand, while helping separate the restaurant from the harsh shopping mall's shell. Hardwearing and low-maintenance plants were also added to give a sense of warmth and domesticity to the interior space.


奧海城的BÊP全新分店將香港前衛的越南美食從中環跨越海港帶到九龍,為尋找休閒,便捷,物美價廉越南美食的市場提供新的服務。BÊP現時規模最大的分店址於商店和高層住宅林立的街道傍,JJA / Bespoke Architecture在本此項目中沿用了品牌現存的室內概念。

設計團隊的目標是創造一條從商場走廊到餐廳室外用餐的舒適通道,同時保持品牌的色彩和用料風格。JJA / Bespoke Architecture為餐廳設計的旋轉玻璃百葉窗,除了是品牌的首個獨特建築外,同時將餐廳與商場厚實的外牆分開。餐廳內裝飾了結實和只需少量維護的植物,為室內營造了溫馨和家居感。

BÊP Olympian City
Architecture & Interior Design
JJA / Bespoke Architecture (Adapted from original concept by Candace Campos)
Design Team
James JJ Acuna and Dominic Cheung
Date of Completion
January 2018
Hong Kong
Approx. 1,950 sq. ft. (inclusive of front and back of house)
6 Million HKD (inclusive of front and back of house)
Nha Trang Catering Service Limited
Site Photography
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