Analogue HQ
Hong Kong

Analogue, a Seattle-based game console design and fabrications company has finally moved into their own Asia headquarters in the heart of Hong Kong’s busy shopping district, Causeway Bay. The boutique office of ten employees is located on the third floor of an old streamlined-art moderne office building built in 1964. A corner site, the space’s facade was demolished long ago by previous tenants, and replaced by floor to celling shopfront glazing - allowing tenants inside a seamless view of the immediate neighbourhood’s textured surroundings of vertical neon signages, stacked shops, cafes, and office spaces which is typical of old Hong Kong urbanity.

Designed by James JJ Acuna for JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio in collaboration with Analogue founder, Christopher Taber, the project’s aim is to be anti-tech in its overall tone, opting instead to strip the space down to its bare-shell structure and to methodically rebuild the space and form where needed. Cool-white and fair faced concrete architecture is the baseline palate while lightly oiled oak flooring in chevron, vintage and tailor-made walnut furnishings, black metals, sheer white fabric curtains, and off-white hand-made clay tiles finish off detailing where they are needed. Artist collaborations include hand-painted signage by KATOL of Start From Zero and Master WU Chi Kai of The Hong Kong neon heritage.

Analogue Hong Kong Headquarters
Architecture & Interior Design
JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio
Design Team
James JJ Acuna, Dominic Cheung, Alex Garcia, Alexis Abiog, Eric Marasigan, Aprille Reyes, Daryl Cabudlay
Date of Completion
December 2019
Hong Kong
Approx. 660 sq. ft.
Analogue Enterprises Limited
Site Photography
XU Liang Leon, Frontality
Hand-Painted Signage
KATOL of Start From Zero SFZ
Neon Signage
Master QU Chi Kai of The Hong Kong Neon Heritage
Ornamenta (Italy)
Textured Glass
Glass Label LTD (Hong Kong)
Wall Sconce, Table, Factory Pendant Lighting
Schoolhouse (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Linear LED Lighting
Inserto (Italy)
Engineered OAK Flooring Lightly Oiled with OSMO (Russia)
Walnut Desks
Harmony (Hong Kong) - Made to Order
Work Chairs
Modernica (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Vintage Shelves
Poul Cadovius Royal System circa 1940s
Vintage Coffee Table
Trioh circa 1970s