Print Rite Executive Floor

The Print Rite Headquarters & Campus in Zhuhai is a state-of-the-art research & development playground for the Print Right OEM company which has since expanded to other businesses with self-branded products for the office equipment, tech, and creative global consumer base.

In order to achieve their business targets, Print Rite needed to establish a consolidated one-stop campus in the border city of Zhuhai in the Guangdong region, by building a Research & Development, Operations Headquarters, and Client facing mixed use complex within that city's Special Administrative Region.

Designer James JJ Acuna, with collaborators, designed a multi-level campus which included the company's main lobby, exhibition hall, conference halls, all-day-cafe, gym, entertainment centres, meeting rooms, and Executive CEO floor catering to various departments, companies, sub-consultants, and customers for a building with programme spread over 14 floors.

Executive Floor Programmes: CEO Office, Director Offices, Printer Room, Administration Offices, China Officials Meeting Room, Conference Rooms

- August 2016 -



- 八月 2016 -

Project Name: Print Rite Headquarters & Campus

Architecture & Interior Design: James JJ Acuna, Billy Ip, and Sebastian Kettner Collaborative

Date of Completion: 2011

Location: Zhuhai

Area: 18,000 sqm.

Client: Print Rite Holdings LTD.

Budget: 4 Million RMB

Bespoke Rugs: Kiki Ho Designs

Site Photographs: James JJ Acuna and Sebastian Kettner