iLand Residential Tower Lobby in Taipei

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iLand Tower by DYLAN Development in Taiwan is underpinned by the need to create a new kind of residential living environment focused on holistic living for people of all ages. This holistic environment embraces nature, air, and sunlight as a natural feature of each unit, elements which have generally disappeared or have ceased to be of any use or importance to developers focused on modern residential development. The planning approach of the towers designed by DYLAN solidifies these core values in the its fluid form, which we have incorporated in our design approach for the project's Interior Schematic Design. Conceptualised as a relationship of water and earth, the Interior's concepts takes note of the striation formulated by water over time in the construction of horizontal bands which define the feature wall which run the full length of the project. The banding of the wall changes in form, size, and shape, to manifest as usable programme for various portions of the project; either as a sitting bench, a shelf, a front desk, a portal, or as a simple divider.

Because of the specific scale of the project and its unique language, certain elements were made bespoke, for example the unique sliding door for the main sitting library, the hovering lattice cloud within the library, and the construction detailing of the banded wall were designed in the construction documentation phase for client's use.

- September 2016 -

 DYLAN Development志在為台灣的岱嵐iLand 打造一個嶄新的,適合所有年齡層的住宅生活環境。iLand主打開放式空間,讓環境融入自然,空氣,陽光等要素;讓逐漸消失的綠意元素回歸飛速發展的現代生活空間內, 提升現代人的居住環境質素。




- 九月 2016 -

Project Name: iLand Residential Tower Lobby in Taipei

Interior Design: James JJ Acuna for LWK & Partners

Concept Design: DYLAN Development

Date of Completion: 2016

Location: Hsinchu, Zhubei, Taiwan

Area: 700-850 sq.m

Client: DYLAN Development

Design Team: Frances Gain and Michael Shyu for LWK & Partners

Budget: Unspecified