Tate Dining Room and Bar on Hollywood Road

TATE Dining Room and Bar on Hong Kong's historic Hollywood Road is the newest iteration of this Michelin Rated Restaurant by founder Chef Vicky Lau. Winner of Asia's Best Female Chef Award in 2015, Chef Lau transforms her dreams, memories, and conceptual ideas into artful gastronomic iterations. This bar designed in collaboration with James JJ Acuna of JJA / Bespoke Architecture, is the culmination of her creative process, taking the much talked about Artful Dining experience to new heights and new directions.

The TATE Dining Room and Bar, is a Version 2.0 for Chef Lau and a first for Acuna, taking a small scale Chef's fine dining kitchen to a front-of-house space spanning 2,200 square feet in the heart of the city's historic, cultural, and foodie neighborhood, Sheung Wan. The colour tones are reflective of Chef Lau's feminine oriented palette of whites, nudes, pinks, brass, and greens. Acuna planned the two-storey space as a journey which re-orients the visitor through a sensuous curvilinear initial pathway on the ground floor followed by a series of timeless rooms, a cross between art gallery environments and domestic spaces -- a reflection of Chef Vicky Lau's concept of enjoying visually playful food in a home environment.

All furnitures were designed in detail by Acuna to respond to various zoning requirements of the restaurant and bar. Numero Suite fabricated these furnitures, artist Elsa Jean Dededieu created a bespoke table of etched leaves and butterflies with Chef Lau. A handmade wallpaper company from Brooklyn, New York named Calico Wallpaper, designed the wonderful wallcoverings around the washrooms.

- March 2017 -


Project Name: Tate Dining Room and Bar, Butler Catering Services, and Poem Cake and Pastry Shop

Architecture & Interior Design: James JJ Acuna of JJA / Bespoke Architecture, Designed in Collaboration With Chef Vicky Lau

Date of Completion: February 2017

Location: Hong Kong

Area: Approx. 2,200 sq.ft. (front of house) + 1,160 sq.ft. (back of house)

Client: Design Department (HK) LTD.

Artist Collaborations: Elsa Jeandedieu and Calico Wallpaper

Site Photography: James John Jetel and JJA / Bespoke Architecture