Morty's Delicatessen on Star Street

Morty's is a Hong Kong-based Sports Bar and Deli approved by the New York Times. It specialises in classic "New York City-style" fares like Reuben Sandwiches, Pastrami on House Rye, Potato Salad, Bagel & House Lox, and Classic Cornbread selections. All using sustainable meat prepared for the menu and cured by the restaurant's own in-house kitchen.

The project's interiors, designed in collaboration between JJA Bespoke Architecture, Morty's and Kevin Poon, focuses on pushing the site's existing back-of-house kitchen towards the front-of-house, so passersby can peek in through the restaurant’s kitchen window from the sidewalk. Looking to a variety of Manhattan's local pubs and diners as inspiration, the team focused on utilising a simple and straightforward colors and materials palette; such as the liberal use of red ceramic tiles, brushed stainless steel, and monochromatic stone flooring. These materials are used to great effect for the long and linear "train-car" type "dining cabin" that the restaurant's patron seating area is inspired by. Everything in the project is created bespoke for the site, except the silver-coloured Aluminium Prouve Chairs sourced from Industry West. 

Four large sized flat-screen televisions are spread throughout the restaurant floor plan so sports fans can enjoy international sporting events all day long. Both the front and back-end facades are flexible so crowds can spill out into the front sidewalk and back alleyway when it gets busy, creating a jovial indoor-outdoor relaxed eating and drinking environment.

- June 2017 -

 Morty’s曾經登上New York Times,是一家結合運動酒吧與熟食店的餐館。餐點屬於典型的紐約風格,如魯賓三明治,經典煙熏牛肉配自家制黑麥麵包,馬鈴薯沙律,煙熏三文魚麵包圈以及經典玉米麵包等。所有餐點均使用以永續方式生產的肉類,並由餐廳自行醃製而成。

項目的室內設計由JJA Bespoke Architecture,Morty's 與Kevin Poon三者合作完成。設計將現有的廚房區域移至餐廳前方,讓路人能於人行道上透過廚房窗戶窺視餐廳內部。取材方面則以各種曼哈頓的酒吧與餐廳為靈感,利用了簡單明快的色彩及材料作設計,如大量運用的紅色瓷磚,啞面不銹鋼和黑白灰單色石地板。這些材料為餐廳營造成列車上的「餐車」感,用餐區的設計亦是受其啟發而成。而項目中除了購自Industry West的銀色鋁製椅外,其餘事物都是替餐廳量身定制的。

四個大型平板電視平均分佈於餐廳內,讓體育愛好者可以享受全天觀看國際體育賽事。餐廳的正門與後方區域均設計成移動門,在忙碌時段內,人群可以走出人行道和後巷, 形成一個結合室內外用餐小酌的休閒環境。

- 六月 2017 -

Project Name: Morty's Delicatessen on Star Street

Architecture & Interior Design: James JJ Acuna of JJA / Bespoke Architecture, Designed in Collaboration With Kevin Poon and the Morty's Team

Date of Completion: June 2017

Location: Hong Kong

Area: Approx. 750 sq.ft. (front of house + back of house)

Client: Morty's

Site Photography: Natasza Minasiewicz and JJA / Bespoke Architecture