Honbo Hamburgers at The Mills . Hong Kong


HONBO, a top-rated Hong Kong-based hamburger restaurant has finally opened its doors at The Mills, formally known as the Nan Fung Cotton Mills, a site made rich by its history in textile manufacturing era and production.  The revitalised landmark, allows visitors to rediscover Hong Kong’s manufacturing and trade roots, while honouring its legacy as a flexible space for textile education, research, and production as well as supporting retail and F&B businesses by local creatives and entrepreneurs.

Designed by James JJ Acuna for JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio, HONBO at The Mills aims to align with the site’s history-focused mission by placing the restaurant in a new but familiar context, looking back towards the roots of "Fast Food Architecture", when guests ate hamburgers roadside in the Futurist Streamline Modern-meets-Art Deco interiors of America’s early 20th century diners. The project’s white and stainless steel finishes gives homage to the idea of creating a clean and safe place for fast food that is slick and sharp, yet with pop and style, elevating the brand to the next level with its aesthetics and material application.

The materials used are an extension of the colour and tones of the Honbo brand, but with additional flourishes, like the two-toned checkered concrete terrazzo flooring, the use of the dichroic mirrored strip glass, the creation of bespoke aluminium and leather finish stools designed specifically for the project, and the utilisation of “Danpalon” plastic sheet finishes for the ceiling. Aluminium, brushed steel, glossy formica, and ceramic tiles, plus the site’s advantage of opening up to the outdoor rooftop area, give the space an open, friendly, and approachable environment for guests of all ages to enjoy a delicious burger meal.

  • April 2019 -


Project Name: Honbo at The Mills

Architecture & Interior: JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio

Design Team: James JJ Acuna, Alex Garcia, Katie Fok, Alexis Abiog, Eric Marasigan, Aprille Reyes, Daryl Cabudlay

Date of Completion: March 2019

Location: Hong Kong

Area: Approx. 360 sq.ft. (front of house + back of house)

Budget: 2 Million HKD

Client: Fat Penguin Co. LTD.

Site Photography: Adam Kuehl Photography