BÊP Olympian City


BÊP Olympian City brings Hong Kong's edgy Vietnamese cuisine brand from Central, across the harbour, to Kowloon-- catering a market looking for casual, fresh, and easy Vietnamese fare. JJA / Bespoke Architecture adopted the brand's existing interior concept for its largest site yet- set street side within a vast mixed-use development of shops and high-rise residences, typical of the Hong Kong context. The studio's goal was to create a journey of intimate spaces from the mall's interior corridor to the outdoor seating area on the shop's street side, while keeping the brand's preferred colours and material choices. A first for the restaurant, JJA / Bespoke Architecture, utilises pivoting glass blinds to create an architecture that is unique to brand, while helping separate the restaurant from the harsh shopping mall's shell. Hardwearing and low-maintenance plants were also added to give a sense of warmth and domesticity to the interior space. 

- January 2018 -


Project Name: BÊP Olympian City

Architecture & Interior: JJA / Bespoke Architecture (Adapted from original concept by Candace Campos)

Design Team: James JJ Acuna and Dominic Cheung

Date of Completion: January 2018

Location: Hong Kong

Area: Approx. 1950 sq.ft. (front of house + back of house)

Client: Nha Trang Catering Service Limited

Budget: 6 Million HKD (Inclusive of Front and Back of House)

Site Photography: What The Fox Studio Hong Kong